Changes as we age can bring challenges . . . we provide a treasure trove of support!

Be a wise owl and plan ahead. TroveStreet® looks at the following areas that need to be addressed as we age. . .

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“I want to live in a community that helps me thrive, adapt and cope with changes ahead. TroveStreet® was designed to do that!”

Cathy Bollinger, TroveStreet® Founder

What are people saying about TroveStreet®?

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"I was impressed by the breadth and depth of information on the site. I liked the options for getting as much or as little assistance with planning as I wanted."
Janis and Richard Bell
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"Cathy has been a trailblazer with the aging in place trend, making it possible for us to not only visualize but also achieve our plans. Our aging in place plan now includes staying put and making changes to our home we couldn't even imagine 20 years ago. York has a vision and plan to make our community a welcoming place for all ages. Thank you, Cathy and TroveStreet®, for your efforts to keep this vision alive."
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"I found the website easy to navigate. As a world traveler who has visited dozens of countries. I wanted information about traveling as I age. I found the TroveStreet® resources accessible and relevant, and I would recommend them to anyone."
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“A lot of great information presented in an easy-to-understand format. I’m now aware of questions to ask and where to find the resources I need. Thank you, TroveStreet®.
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“I follow TroveStreet® on Facebook and receive their monthly newsletter. It keeps me updated on what’s going on and helps me think about my aging in a different way.”
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“At this point in time, I don’t know what assistance and advice I’ll need as I age. What I feel really comfortable about is I now have names, organizations, and phone numbers to utilize when needs arise. Thank you, TroveStreet® for the aging-in-place seminar.”
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“I recommend the aging-in-place seminars for people in their 40s and 50s. I wish I would have had this information at that age to advise me on decisions.”
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“TroveStreet® offered me helpful information as I move into 55 and older community.”
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“TroveStreet® is exactly what I needed. Often, it is so hard to even begin to know where to start. The TroveStreet® Wisdom articles in the Resource Center helped me.”
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“Very good information and resources shared in a well-paced session. Looking forward to exploring resources and using them in my planning. Thanks for the motivation.”
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“Attended a seminar on ageism. Incredible presentation! Should be a required course for all health professionals. Cathy facilitated engaging conversation and collaborative problem-solving.”
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“I’m very happy I chose this seminar. My mother is 92 and I work for a family practice – newborn to death. The seminar addresses so many avenues for me.”

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FAQs About TroveStreet®

The choices we make today impact our future. But beyond possibly saving for retirement, most people don’t think about how our needs may change as we grow older and the way those changes could impact our quality of life.

We help you learn the top things to consider so you can make more informed decisions about where and how you live as you age. We want to help you explore the “why and what” on aging-in-place topics so you can select the best option at the right time for you. Whether reading our blogs, attending our seminars, or engaging in our services, we provide unbiased content for you to determine what best aligns with your needs and wants.

And, when you are too busy or don’t have the bandwidth for going through options, TroveStreet® can help you narrow the choices, saving you valuable time and energy.

Aging-in-place is living safely and comfortably in the home and community of our choice as we grow older.

Having the best quality aging-in-place experience requires us to think holistically about our aging, both now and in the future. This  means acknowledging the integral role the following play in our aging experience:

  • the type, condition, and location of our home
  • the ways we get to the people and places we need and want to visit
  • the ways we pass our time
  • our health
  • our finances
  • our support system
  • our openness towards change

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to aging-in-place. It is a process that requires us to reflect and plan for what is most important to us. By doing so, we have the most control over where and how we live as we age.

We are a resource for adults, regardless of age, income, ability, race, sexual orientation, gender, education, religion, or location. Everyone benefits from learning about aging-in-place concepts to help you plan both now, and in the future, for your best quality aging experience. Our content is applicable, no matter where you live, and we also offer a depth of knowledge of resources in York County, PA, and the surrounding areas.

A lot of our content is free; our mission is to help you learn about aging-in-place concepts to reduce making decisions during times of heightened stress or crisis, avoid having someone make decisions for you, or doing nothing and settling for status quo. This is why we offer a 30-minute consultation with our Executive Director and aging-in-place seminars free of charge.

If you find you’d like to engage with TroveStreet’s team and resources for more in-depth assistance, there is a nominal charge for our service. Contact us directly to learn more about this. From time to time, we may also charge for a specific seminar offered, based on the scope of the topic and speaker.

TroveStreet®, Powered by Embracing Aging, is an initiative of York County Community Foundation (YCCF), located in York, PA.

YCCF is one of the fastest-growing community foundations in Pennsylvania because it has stepped forward to play a central role in creating a vibrant York County. Tapping into the region’s long-held philanthropic spirit and community pride, YCCF engages donors, provides community leadership, invests in high-impact initiatives, and builds an endowment for future generations. It envisions a growing, united, and prosperous York County that provides unsurpassed opportunities for all.

Embracing Aging (EA) is one of YCCF’s high-impact initiatives. Launched in 2013, EA carries on the legacy of donor, Anna Gardner, who 110+ years ago gifted her family’s estate to the care of older single women. After growing the estate, a mansion was purchased and named the Hahn Home. For 40 years, the women residing there had their living expenses paid for by funds from the estate. After the sale of the Hahn Home, the Hahn Home Fund was established at YCCF. Today, Ms. Gardner’s legacy lives on through EA.

EA provides education and advocacy to advance aging-in-place concepts and planning. EA also strives to dismantle ageism and build age-equity to help us thrive as we age.

TroveStreet was launched in 2022 as a resource to help educate individuals and the community on aging-in-place.

Deciding on a name for a new organization is no easy task. There is so much to think about.

We considered many names as we went through the naming cycle. “TroveStreet®” wasn’t even among the initial options we considered. However, our top two choices from that first round were both too similar to existing entities, so we went back and rethought our strategy. We are happy we did because we like TroveStreet® much better than anything else we considered!

The name TroveStreet® means to us a combination of the expression “treasure trove” — as in, a treasure trove of guidance for visitors — and the casual, friendly atmosphere you’d find in a neighborhood.

Additionally, we included an owl in the logo, which symbolizes the wisdom you gain as you age and while navigating all TroveStreet® has to offer.

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TroveStreet®, Powered by Embracing Agent, an initiative of York County Community Foundation.

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