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TroveStreet® is an initiative of the York County Community Foundation (YCCF), a 60+ year-old charitable organization located in York, PA. At TroveStreet®, we believe you deserve to have the best aging experience possible, even when confronted with life’s turns and bumps along the way. Navigating this journey is unique to you and that is why TroveStreet® was created.

Meet Cathy Bollinger, the driving force behind TroveStreet®

With 35 years’ of experience as a strategic thinker and innovative problem-solver in both for profit and non-profit settings, Cathy Bollinger is the Executive Director of Embracing Aging and TroveStreet®, an  initiative of York County Community Foundation.

In this role, Cathy provides education and advocacy to advance aging-in-place concepts and planning, dismantle ageism and increase age equality decisions to improve how people experience aging in York County. She leads grant making from YCCF’s Hahn Home Fund and oversees York County’s Age-Friendly Action and Evaluation Plan.

Cathy has presented at National aging conferences, and webinars, appeared on regional radio and television shows, and contributed articles to regional and local publications. At the invitation of Chairman Susan Collins and Ranking Member Robert Casey, she was one of four witnesses selected to present testimony at United States Senate Special Committee on Aging in May 2017.

In 2020, Senator Casey asked Cathy to moderate a panel on long term care on aging during a virtual aging conference and to participate in a state-wide call on the impact of Covid-19. She currently serves on the Pennsylvania AARP Executive Council and is a member of Grantmakers in Aging and the American Society on Aging.

Thank you to York County Community Foundation's Hahn Home Fund for Embracing Aging for their support of TroveStreet®.

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