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About Us

At TroveStreet, we believe you deserve to have the best aging experience possible, even when confronted with life’s turns and bumps along the way. Navigating this journey is unique to you and that is why TroveStreet was created.

TroveStreet is an initiative of the York County Community Foundation (YCCF), a 60+ year-old charitable organization located in York, PA, that is passionate about creating a vibrant York County where everyone can thrive.

YCCF commissioned an Embracing Aging Study to assess the livability of York County.

The report identified the need for creating a culture of centralizing information, services, and opportunities for older adults in the smartest, most efficient and comprehensive way. As a result, helping people plan for how and where they want to live as they age is a priority. TroveStreet is the solution to address this need.

We thank the following funders for the generous support of TroveStreet’s development and operations:
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What We Believe at TroveStreet

We all come from different backgrounds, experiences, and communities. And although we are not the same, we each deserve the best quality of life possible as we grow older. We believe these five principles — with the support of TroveStreet — can inspire and guide you along the way.

1. Build your community

It’s never too late to build or grow connections with people of all ages. Stay connected — we are better together.

2. Focus on possibilities

Aging doesn’t erase your purpose, even when you’re in the midst of difficult times. Focus on what can be and what’s ahead — not what’s lost.

3. Find the joy

Sometimes the tiniest of things in life give us a reason to smile and laugh. Seek out the joy in everyday life.

4. Engage in life

Don’t stop moving the needle forward. Find something to do — big or small — every day. Opportunities are all around you.

5. Embrace your reason

You are important. Invest in yourself daily by doing things that give your life meaning.

Leadership Staff

At the heart of TroveStreet is Cathy Bollinger. As a managing director with YCCF, and with over 30 years’ experience as a strategic thinker, facilitator and innovative problem-solver in both for-profit and nonprofit settings, Cathy works with community stakeholders to improve how people perceive and experience aging.

Driven by her passion to eliminate ageism and provide everyone the resources they need to have the best life possible as they grow older, Cathy’s vision for TroveStreet is a result of needs she saw in her home community of York County, PA. As a highly engaged native, Cathy has a deep knowledge of the resources available for older adults in our community.

“I want to live in a community that has my back as I age. That helps me thrive, adapt and cope with changes ahead. A York County that values me regardless of my age. TroveStreet does just that.”
Cathy Bollinger
Executive Director at Trovestreet
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