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About Our Name

How Did We Come up with the Name TroveStreet?

Deciding on a name for a new organization is no easy task. There is so much to think about.

We considered many names as we went through the naming cycle. “TroveStreet” wasn't even among the initial options we considered. However, our top two choices from that first round were both too similar to existing entities, so we went back and rethought our strategy. We are happy we did because we like TroveStreet much better than anything else we considered!

What TroveStreet Means to Us

TroveStreet is a combination of the expression “treasure trove” — as in, a treasure trove of guidance for visitors — and the casual, friendly atmosphere you’d find in a neighborhood.

Additionally, we included an owl in the logo, which symbolizes the wisdom you gain as you age and while navigating all TroveStreet has to offer.

Explore TroveStreet!

Now that you know more about us, let us help you.

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