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TroveStreet® Wisdom: Adding meaning to my life

We all have 24 hours in a day. Some of those hours are spent fulfilling to-do lists and responsibilities. Some are spent simply passing the time. How each day is spent, however, has an effect on the quality of your life — especially as you age.

Time and meaning go hand-in-hand. The more time you invest in things that are important to you, the happier and more fulfilled you are likely to be. Having a meaningful life with a clear purpose is proven to improve your mental health, self-worth, and confidence. It also satisfies the human desire to be valued and contribute to the world.

Meaning does not come from a single source. Investing in relationships, focusing on lifelong learning, pursuing spirituality, and helping others are just a few ways to cultivate it. Sometimes, meaning even comes from the sum of life’s intangible lessons and perspectives like:

  • Having time to focus and just be (especially with loved ones)
  • Learning to say “no” and not feeling guilty for it
  • Developing a deeper sense of appreciation and gratefulness
  • Reflecting on memories and connecting the dots of life’s journey
  • Developing coping skills to become more resilient
  • Exploring things outside your comfort zone and considering different perspectives

What Gives You Meaning?

What fills your tank or makes you feel fulfilled on a regular basis? These questions can help uncover what gives you meaning:

  • What did you like to do as a child that you no longer do?
  • Who or what brings you joy?
  • What do you enjoy doing that makes you lose track of time?
  • What is something you care about?
  • How would you like to make a difference?
  • If you had to leave the house every day, where would you go and what would you do?
  • What is something different you’d like to try or something you’ve always wanted to do?

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