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TroveStreet® Wisdom: Evaluating my safety as a driver

Growing older doesn’t always mean your ability to drive declines. Older drivers today are overall healthier than they were decades ago, and advancements in car features have enhanced safety and comfort. 

Safe driving — at any age — means staying alert on the road and educated off the road. Here are two helpful resources to help you do just that:

  • Driver refresher courses. Available for a fee, these courses keep you up-to-date on rules and hazards of the roads. They also provide tips to help avoid accidents. Programs are typically available for a fee, but may reduce your auto insurance. Before you take a course, check with your insurance carrier to see if the program qualifies for a reduced rate.
  • Car-fit educational programs. These programs ensure your vehicle is properly adjusted for your comfort and safety. Learn more by visiting

Other best practices include:

  • Stay physically active.  It helps with your strength and flexibility.
  • Keep current with vision and hearing tests.
  • Understand the possible side effects of medications.
  • Avoid driving if extra tired or upset.
  • Be attune to weather forecasts and road conditions.

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