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TroveStreet® Wisdom: Improving bike safety

In addition to benefiting from exercise, riding a bike is an environmentally safe and economical mode of transportation.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee of YAMPO (York Area Metropolitan Planning Organization) focuses on bicycle and pedestrian improvements within rabbittransit’s fixed route service area. 

Below are ten actions this committee identified for York County.

As a result of this committee’s work, in the City of York, designated pavement markings, protective delineators, and signs for two-way bicycle traffic lanes now run along East King Street from Sherman to Penn Streets.  By serving as a guide for bikes and cars, the markings increase safety and connect people with the city trail networks, parks, businesses, and services like rabbittransit’s Downtown Bus Transfer Center.  

AARP offers a Bike Audit Tool Kit.  Bike audits assess and improve the safety and accessibility of a community’s streets and paths for all users, including cyclists.  The bicycling tool kit provides a step-by-step approach to observing and documenting the safe or unsafe bikeability of a location.

If you know of an area in need of an audit, contact TroveStreet® and we will either partner with you to conduct the audit or facilitate the audit ourselves. 

Because there isn’t a “one-type-fits-all bicycle” for all riders or locations, AARP also offers a guide of a variety of bike styles that are best designed for older adults.

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