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TroveStreet® Wisdom: Learning about less known housing options (Shared Housing, Small Homes, Villages)

When it comes to choosing a home, one size does not fit all. It’s beneficial to understand what options are available to you and how they align to your finances, needs, and wants before you make a move.  

If you’re someone who likes to break the mold and experience something new, below are some popular alternative housing types.  However, note, York County does not offer most of the housing models outlined above. If these models are of interest to you, we encourage you to speak up to your municipalities and to TroveStreet. If enough people express interest, we might just be able to bring a model to fruition. 

  • Cohousing: a community designed to foster connections. Each person buys a house, but the houses are linked to shared common spaces that allow neighbors to easily interact just outside their door. 
  • Shared Housing: where two or more unrelated people live together in a house for the mutual benefits of saving money, companionship, independence, security, and help in emergencies. 
  • NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities): where neighborhoods create a network of shared support services.
  • Niche Retirement Communities: a 55+ community where people share a common interest such as golf, art, aviation, or learning.
  • Villages (neighbors helping neighbors): a mix of paid staff and volunteers who assist older residents with transportation, technology, repairs, shopping, etc. Villages also include vetted professional services. Older adults pay annual dues. A village formed in York County in 2023.  To learn more, visit York County Village.
  • Pocket Neighborhoods: planning communities that feature multiple homes focused on accessibility and affordability. Homes are single story with broad front porches, built on a Main Street concept that includes cafes, retail, dining, and other services.

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