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TroveStreet® Wisdom: Looking for affordable housing

There are rental communities for low-income seniors, which means your eligibility is based on your income (including income from assets). Each low-income rental property has its own eligible income amount, which is adjusted every year.

Keep these things in mind when considering a low-income apartment:

  • The amount charged is restricted by the federal or state government, and may include monthly utilities (not phone, internet, or cable).
  • Some rents are tied to monthly income (e.g. rent cannot exceed 30% of monthly income).
  • Some rents are fixed by the federal or state government, regardless of your monthly income.

If this is a housing option you want to explore, visit the properties in the areas where you want to live and get answers to these five questions:

  • What incomes are eligible?
  • How much is rent?
  • Does rent include utilities?
  • Is the rent based on your income?
  • What is the size of the waiting list?

York County has a shortage of these types of apartments for older adults. You may find yourself waiting anywhere from two to four years for an opening.  This is why it is best to inquire about these rental units as early as possible to see if you qualify and add your name to the waiting list.  Make sure to ask each specific location about what happens if a unit becomes available and you are not yet ready to move.  

You can view a list of York County’s Affordable/Low Income Senior Housing here.

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