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TroveStreet® Wisdom: Receiving a PennDot Evaluation of Driving notice

Did you know it is the responsibility of health care personnel in Pennsylvania to report a patient’s medical condition that could impair their ability to safely drive a car?

These reports help PennDOT assess if people with a driver’s license are medically qualified to drive. When this happens, a report triggers an evaluation process. PennDOT reviews the information on file and may reach out to you for additional information. PennDOT can then decide to place a restriction on your driver’s license or ask you to complete a driver’s examination. If the medical condition can be corrected or controlled with surgery or medication, it is possible to have the driver’s license restored.   

If you find yourself in this situation, you will need to contact PennDOT for information about what you need to do to reapply for your license. Your healthcare provider should be able to tell you if your condition is temporary or can be controlled with medication. Learn more.

Note, on average, people outlive their ability to safely drive by 8-10 years.  Plan now to continue accessing the places you need and desire to go.  Learn more by reading TroveStreet’s other transportation wisdom articles.

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