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Planning Services

Planning for where and how to live as you grow older improves your aging experience. For some, thinking about the things to consider might seem overwhelming. Whether you need help getting started, want to talk about something specific, or seek one-on-one or family guidance for detailed planning, TroveStreet is here for you.

Our planning services include:

This planning template can be accessed digitally on your TroveStreet dashboard or printed out. It is designed to help you organize notes and document the things that resonate most with you as you explore TroveStreet’s resources. This free resource helps you think through and create a Plan for the topics of:

  • Home & Place
  • Healthy Living
  • Money Matters
  • Transportation
  • Joy & Meaning

Update your completed Plan as your needs and wishes, or those of a loved one, change. Make certain to share it with your family and close friends so your wishes are clear.

How the TroveStreet Planning Tool Can Help

Crystal and her husband know they want to stay in their home as they age. To make the most out of the TroveStreet resources on home modifications, Crystal used the TroveStreet Planning Tool template on her TroveStreet Dashboard and took notes on suggested aging renovations and costs. After some joint discussion, they now plan to convert their first-floor den to a bedroom and add a walk-in shower. Download planning tool PDF

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You’ve started to explore TroveStreet, perhaps even taken the Short Quiz, yet you’re not sure how to best use this resource to inspire your aging or a loved one’s aging. Schedule a one-time, free service to:

  • Ask your top questions about navigating the TroveStreet website and resources
  • Learn tips to maximize your use of the TroveStreet website

This service includes one 15-minute session by phone or Zoom with a TroveStreet staff member. You are welcome to include a family member on your call.

How the “Help Me Get Started” Session Can Help

Craig is 67 and retired. He is thinking about moving to a senior community, but isn’t sure if he can afford it. He scheduled a quick conversation with a TroveStreet navigator for help on how to find the information and resources he needs to get started on making the right decisions.

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Do you have questions about a specific topic? Perhaps you want help thinking through the things you need to consider to help you make an informed decision or to narrow down your options. Schedule this $50 service to get personalized help to find the best path forward.

  • Talk with a navigator about your questions, needs or concerns.
  • The TroveStreet navigator will do research to find the best resources and options that align with your situation.
  • The navigator will conduct a follow-up meeting with you to explain options and talk about possibilities.
  • After the appointment, the navigator will provide a document with all the discussed resources.

This $50 service includes two 30-minute sessions by phone, Zoom, or in person, along with the navigator’s time between calls to find the resources that work best for you. Arrangements can be made to include family decision makers in your session.  Full payment for this service is due upfront.

How the “Planning My Priorities” Session Can Help

Moniqua is 55 and wants to better understand her options for senior housing. She doesn’t fully understand the differences between the available continuing care retirement communities, and how personal care is different from health care. In session 1, Moniqua told a TroveStreet navigator what was important to her. The navigator answered her questions and researched available housing, and in session 2, shared with Moniqua the top options.

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You have explored TroveStreet and learned a lot. Now you want to put what you learned into action to ensure you are maximizing your aging experience. And, by creating your plan, you can be sure your loved ones are aware of what’s most important to you. Schedule this $150 service to get one-on-one or family help tailoring an aging plan and how to communicate it with your loved ones.

  • Session 1 – A TroveStreet navigator will meet with you to understand your needs or the needs of a loved one. The navigator will ask you a variety of questions to learn what is most important to you, as well as talk you through the process of getting started on completing your Planning Template. You’ll be asked to complete some assignments related to your plan before your second meeting with the navigator.
  • Session 2 – The navigator will review your progress on the Planning document draft, and assist you in areas where you are stuck or uncertain. The navigator will point you to expert guides or resources that can help you refine your plan. This is where the navigator’s understanding of TroveStreet’s offerings and the local community really shines.
  • Session 3 – You and the navigator will discuss other concerns you may or may not have thought of and decide how you want to share your plan with those you love. You’ll also receive tips about keeping your plan updated.
  • After the appointment, the navigator will provide a document with all the discussed resources.

This $150 service consists of three 60-minute sessions by phone, Zoom, or in person, along with the navigator’s time to find the resources that work best for you. Arrangements can be made to include family decision makers in your sessions.  Full payment for this service is due upfront.

How the “Aging Navigation & Plan Creation” Session Can Help

Diaz is 62 and his wife, Fran, is 57. Diaz wants to retire, and because of his pension, they can swing it with Fran’s income and health insurance. They want to think through scenarios now to ensure they have the best aging experience for the years ahead. This includes Diaz exploring ways to stay purposefully engaged while Fran is working, deciding if they should move, and saving for travel. Working with a TroveStreet navigator, Diaz and Fran now have a holistic plan for their aging, which they also shared with their daughter.

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Frequently asked questions

The Help Me Get Started service is by phone call or Zoom only. 

The Planning My Priorities and Aging Navigation and Plan Creation services are by phone, Zoom or in-person. 

If using Zoom, you will need to be in a place that offers Internet access. Your computer will need to have a camera, and microphone and speaker functions. It is recommended you are in a quiet and private space when conducting a meeting with a navigator via Zoom. 

In-person appointments are typically held at the TroveStreet office at 14 West Market Street, York, PA. In-person appointments can be held at another public location but must be pre-arranged with the navigator ahead of time.

When you click on the Book Now button under each service on TroveStreet’s website, you will see the hours the navigator is available. If you need to meet at a time not offered, you can email TroveStreet to arrange for a meeting time that fits your needs.

Yes, of course! When booking an appointment, you will be asked to confirm who will be joining you. 

Please note, the navigator will be asking you questions about your aging wants and needs. It will be to your benefit to be able to answer these questions freely, without concern of what the family or friends joining you for the session may think.

Following a Planning My Priorities or Aging Navigation & Plan Creation session, the navigator will type a summary of what was discussed, along with any next steps, and will either email the summary to you or upload it to your TroveStreet Dashboard. You also have the option of electronically taking notes from this or any planning session directly into your TroveStreet Planning Tool on your dashboard.

TroveStreet navigators know the York County community extremely well. They have extensive knowledge in concepts of aging-in-place and creating livable communities for all ages. Their role is to ask you questions and listen without bias so they can connect you with what you need to make informed decisions. 

The navigators have extensive knowledge of the TroveStreet website, along with York County’s many resources. They are trained in compassionate listening, dismantling ageism, problem solving and customer service. Each navigator signs a pledge of confidentiality and is held accountable for upholding that pledge.

The navigator doesn’t tell you what to do. The navigator guides you to the resources you need to make the most informed decision.

Your primary role is to be open and honest about what you need and about where and how you want to live as you age. There is no right or wrong way to age and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Being transparent in your needs and desires will help ensure your plan is most relevant to your goals.

Depending on the package you select, you may have homework assigned to you between sessions, such as visiting a website or reading an article or documenting your priorities. This is because the navigator will refer to it during your time together. Taking the time to do these things the navigator asks ensures a more engaging experience and result.

For the most part, TroveStreet is a self-directed resource. You explore it at your own pace, connecting with the topics that are of most interest to you. There may be times along the way when you want help in thinking through choices and options that are best for you. A TroveStreet navigator provides insights and perspectives to help you make informed decisions. The fee helps cover the navigator’s time in working with you directly.

15-minute consult to get oriented to TroveStreet: Free

Two 30-minute sessions to solve a specific problem (Planning My Priorities): $50

Three 60-minute sessions to get guidance on creating a holistic aging plan (Aging Navigation & Plan Creation): $150

TroveStreet Navigator

Fueled by a passion to create cultural change in how individuals and businesses view and experience aging in York County, PA, Cathy Bollinger lends her 30+ years of experience to assist and guide visitors to TroveStreet to help make full use of the resources, inspiration and wisdom available to live their fullest lives in York County, PA.

Cathy Bollinger

Executive Director at TroveStreet

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