Privacy Policy


TroveStreet® is committed to honoring the privacy of all those we work with, including visitors to our website, purchasers of our services and offers, participants in our events and subscribers to our electronic newsletters. The website is owned and operated by TroveStreet®, a subsidiary of York County Community Foundation. Our intention is to inform and educate visitors about our work as a community resource that provides important guidance, resources, information, and opportunities to help adults reimagine aging. PERSONAL INFORMATION Your right to privacy is very important to us. We recognize that providing TroveStreet® with your personal information is an act of trust. All personal information provided is only used on this site and is not distributed or sold to any other party or site. Limited access sections are encrypted to provide security and privacy when you access information, initiate transactions or send secure messages. We may occasionally ask for your feedback via surveys or other communications to better understand your interests and needs. We may also request information through online forms used to purchase and/or register for a service, event, or offer. TroveStreet® does not share or make public any personal information gathered through our website.

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