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Why Send an Age-Positive Greeting Card?

TroveStreet is a subsidiary of York County Community Foundation (YCCF), whose Embracing Aging initiative works to improve how people experience aging. That work includes raising awareness of ageism (prejudice or discrimination based on age) and its impact on how people think, talk, and act about aging.

When shopping for a greeting card, especially for a significant birthday milestone, we are inundated with images and messages that want us to feel bad about aging. Instead of cards celebrating one’s wisdom and experience, cards portray older people as unattractive, sleepy, crabby, weak, or out to pasture. Enough is enough!

That’s why Embracing Aging partnered with local artists to create age-positive greeting cards perfect for birthdays or other occasions. We are happy to offer these beautifully designed cards through TroveStreet.

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