Drinking and Healthy Aging
BY National Council on Aging

The National Council on Aging offers a quick read about the risks of consuming alcohol as you age.

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Do You Drink Enough Water?
BY Visiting Angels

Learn more about the importance of drinking water in older adults. Understand the symptoms and consequences of dehydration, tips to increase water intake, when is the best time to drink a glass of water.

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How Much Should I Drink Each Day
BY The Mayo Clinic

This article serves as a good reminder about the important role water has in your health.

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The Negative Impact of Sugar
BY Very Well Mind

Gain a greater understanding about the effects sugar has on our bodies, brain, and mood.

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Collection of Nutrition Resources for Older Adults
BY Nutrition.gov

Select from a multitude of links to learn how to eat healthy, reduce disease risk, and deal with changes as we age that affect appetite and eating.

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Eat the Rainbow
BY Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School

Learn how adding each color of fruit and vegetables to your diet can reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

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