The Cost of Aging Report
BY National Aging in Place Council

The Cost of Aging report includes an overview of costs for housing, as well as health and wellness, transportation, and social engagement.

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The Costs of Home Remodeling
BY Retirement Living

Learn about the average costs associated with age-friendly home modifications.

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HomeFit Guide

This is a free publication featuring smart ways to make a home comfortable, safe, and a great fit for older adults — and people of all ages.

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ADA Products and Services
BY UDS Foundation

Access a variety of ADA accessible housing and home modifications services to support older people, people living with disabilities, or people recovering from an injury.

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The Role of Smart Technology to Aging in Your Home
BY Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation

Learn how smart home technology, such as smart locks, door openers, and cameras, help increase the accessibility and security of your home.

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Understanding Universal Design and Its Value to a Home
BY The RL Mace Universal Design Institute

Learn about the 7 principles of Universal Design and ideas for implementing those principles into housing.

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