Explore these other options to help you get around your local community and beyond.

Carpooling to Work

If you are looking for a way to get to and from work without driving yourself every day, check out Commuter Services of Pennsylvania. Their Car Commute program helps you find a new commute mode for work instead of driving alone. This means car cost savings for you, less carbon footprint on the environment, and increased companionship for all. Each time you use a carpool ride, you earn points to redeem on rewards.

Commuter Services of Pennsylvania even has a program in place to provide peace of mind for eligible commuters in the event of an illness or emergency: they reimburse the cost of finding another ride home. 

Carsharing and Rentals

This is an option for those who do not need or want to own a car, but who drive and may need to use a car for a few hours to grocery shop or visit a relative.

Similar to how airbnb or Vrbo works for home rentals, Turo is a trusted car sharing marketplace where you can book a vehicle from a community of hosts across the U.S. You can choose from a selection of nearby cars, vans, and trucks to rent what you need for the day, weekend, or a getaway trip.

Traditional rental companies include Enterprise, Hertz, and Avis. Make sure to check out the two links in our TroveStreet Resource section about things to do and not do when renting a car. 

Volunteer Driver Programs

There are various nonprofit organizations, service clubs, and faith-based groups that have volunteers who take older adults to/from their appointments and errands. To find out if a volunteer program is available in your area, we recommend contacting organizations that serve older adults in your community, as well as a Rotary or Lions Club, and faith-based entities. You may also contact the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) of the Capital Region. They serve York County and may have volunteers who are able to provide a ride. 


Walking not only keeps us healthy, but it is another mode of transportation. Depending on where you live and where you are going, walking may be an option to consider. 

Safety is your top priority. Wearing comfortable shoes is always best. If walking at dusk or later, make certain to wear reflective gear on your shoes or clothing and carry a flashlight. If you do walk on a road without a sidewalk, remember to always walk facing traffic so you can see cars coming and they can better see you!

If your route includes uneven sidewalks, crossing a street without a crosswalk or traffic light, unlit paths, trash-covered or leaf-covered sidewalks, or any other possible barrier that limits you, contact your municipality to see if anything can be done to address these issues. Click here to read about how one local woman advocated for a traffic light on North George Street. 

Remember to let TroveStreet know about it too, so we can help you advocate for a change.  If enough people speak up about the conditions, the municipality may fix it. 


In addition to benefiting from exercise, riding a bike is an environmentally safe and economical mode of transportation. Here are a variety of bike styles that are best designed for older adults. 

Bus Lines, Motor Coaches, and Van or Car Services

These options provide a comfortable and convenient way to get around.  Bus lines, such as Greyhound, offer an affordable way to travel between cities.  Whether wanting a day excursion or a week long adventure, escorted coach tours take care of every detail….hotels, sightseeing, entrance fees, and all the planning of the itinerary. Private van or car service is a perfect choice for a ride to/from the airport or for a special trip because they typically include door-to-door pickup and assistance with baggage.


The Pennsylvanian Amtrak line travels daily to and from New York City, Philadelphia, and Harrisburg, and on to Pittsburgh. You can hop on the train at any nearby train station, including Lancaster or Elizabethtown, PA. 


Engage in life: Continuing to connect with the people and places most important to you gives you the best quality of life possible. TroveStreet encourages you to explore some of the different options we’ve shared, so you can stay engaged and enjoy all that brings you joy and meaning, whenever you want.


TroveStreet is Here to Help

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