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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Resource Center and Planning Tool are free for anyone to use. We also provide one-on-one planning services through our professional TroveStreet navigators. These services start at $30.

While a majority of TroveStreet resources include links to online articles and documents, TroveStreet can provide support to local residents in person, via a TroveStreet Planning Services appointment.

Just as financial planning is rarely a “once and done” activity, planning for your future may also involve periods of research, planning and review to keep on track. Issues that may not apply to you now, may arise later. And it may be wise to plan now for anticipated, or potential, changes in your lifestyle, health, financial situation, etc. We hope TroveStreet serves as an ongoing guide in your journey.

While the concept of planning for a positive aging experience is universally beneficial, and the topics of consideration can apply to just about any region, the resources TroveStreet offers currently apply only to York County, PA.

When you select a TroveStreet Planning Service to assist you in your research, you’ll benefit from the experience of a TroveStreet navigator. Your navigator knows the York County community extremely well. They have extensive knowledge in concepts of aging-in-place and creating livable communities for all ages. Their role is to ask you questions and listen without bias so they can connect you with what you need to make informed decisions. 

The navigators have extensive knowledge of the TroveStreet website, along with York County’s many resources. They are trained in compassionate listening, dismantling ageism, problem solving and customer service. Each navigator signs a pledge of confidentiality and is held accountable for upholding that pledge.

For the most part, TroveStreet is a self-directed resource. You explore it at your own pace, connecting with the topics that are of most interest to you. Because there may be times along the way when you want help in thinking through choices and options that are best for you, TroveStreet offers a variety of levels of assistance, called TroveStreet Planning Services. You choose the Planning Service that works best for you and a TroveStreet navigator will provides insights and perspectives related to your needs, to help you make informed decisions. Some services include a fee to help cover the navigator’s time in working with you directly.

TroveStreet is an initiative of York County Community Foundation (YCCF), located in York, PA.

YCCF is one of the fastest-growing community foundations in Pennsylvania because it has stepped forward to play a central role in creating a vibrant York County. Tapping into the region’s long-held philanthropic spirit and community pride, YCCF engages donors, provides community leadership, invests in high-impact initiatives, and builds an endowment for future generations. It envisions a growing, united, and prosperous York County that provides unsurpassed opportunities for all.

YCCF commissioned an Embracing Aging Study to assess the livability of York County. The report identified the need for creating a culture of centralizing information, services and opportunities for older adults in the smartest, most efficient and comprehensive way. As a result, helping people plan for how and where they want to live as they age has been a priority.

As a result of this study, we set on a journey to create TroveStreet

We partnered with consultants Greenstone Mosaic and Benjamin & Bond to join us in envisioning and developing a systemic solution to address the need identified in the Embracing Aging Study. During the development of TroveStreet, we held multiple rounds of user testing with adults aged 50+ and hosted multiple conversations with aging-focused service providers to ensure TroveStreet provides guidance, resources, information, and opportunities to help adults maximize their aging experience, both now and into the future.

TroveStreet is a resource for all adults, regardless of age, income, ability, race, sexual orientation, gender, education, religion, or location. Everyone benefits from TroveStreet, especially adults age 50 and older and those who reside in and around York County, PA. TroveStreet also serves as a great resource for adult children living anywhere who are taking an active role in the positive aging experience of their parents living in York County.

TroveStreet is your one-stop shop to guide you through immediate and long-term planning related to aging. We’ve gathered all the resources you need in one place. If you prefer personalized service, we offer a navigator who can work with you to sort through the options to get the exact information you need, when you need it. As you explore TroveStreet, you’ll be able make informed choices to plan confidently and proactively to live more easily in your home and community.  Plus, you’ll learn ways to take action now!

The trove of wisdom you collect as you navigate the website and engage in the events, exclusive offers, and planning services helps you prioritize the things you need and desire, resulting in a customized experience that is truly unique to you.

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