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The TroveStreet Planning Tool

Your TroveStreet Planning Tool template can be filled out below or downloaded as a PDF. We recommend you use this template to organize your notes, thoughts and action items. As you explore TroveStreet, and perhaps have sessions with a TroveStreet navigator, continue to add or refine sections that are important to you. Once you are done, you may want to share this Plan with your loved ones.

Want to get connected to a navigator to help with your planning? Check out our Planning Services page.

Start your planning below.

Home & Place

Ensure where you live will work for you as you age. Staying in your current home may require modifications to improve access and safety. Moving to a new location or retirement care community will require research into available options near you.

Explore Home & Place in the Resource Center.

These are my issues around Home & Place and what it would look like for me when resolved:

As you think about aging, what are the potential concerns with where you currently live?

What is your ideal for where you live as you age?


One easy formula you can use is:
Within (time period), I need (solution) to (solve problem) so I can have an excellent aging experience.

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